Frederick Buechner says to pay attention to the things that make you cry. I cried, tears of joy that is, for the duration of this segment from last week’s 60 Minutes and this is why.

I know what music does in my soul. I have an idea of what music does in the souls of those around me. But given this glimpse of what music has done in the souls of 200 musicians living in the the world’s most impoverished country and who have endured the most deadly war since WWII, I’ve had to stop and pay attention. In this segment from 60 Minutes I saw something I’ve both hypothesized and questioned, hoped for and doubted. Christ uses music to birth beauty in the darkest most ugly corners of my soul, that I know; but what about the darkest most ugly corners of the world? Does music have the potential to enliven a community? To bring hope to a nation? Can music bring healing to the souls of those who have known rape and poverty and dehumanizing violence their whole life? Does Christ choose music and the arts for this work? Are they a valid means of bringing healing to the broken? This story answers with a resounding, “yes.”

Joy in the Congo: A musical miracle (click to view video)

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